"what makes you think you have any right to make that decision"
FINALLY someone who expresses how I feel about the monsters
thank you aaron and your golem

see this is the only actual problem I’ve got with supernatural, besides the fact that there are still not enough awesome female characters who don’t freaking die or leave after one or two episodes
it’s all too black and white, ‘oh look a monster, surely we have to kill this thing’
this has been brought up a couple of times but sort of set aside as a minor issue and I think it’s more important than that
dean sweetie, I love you, but you never learn
I need more monsters who are an exception and that don’t get killed anyway -is still mad about amy-

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  3. bifurism said: This is the reason why I’m sad Benny’s gone. I do think Dean learned from his experience with Benny though. His views got less black and white throughout S8.
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